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You may be wondering, why choose Match Dating’s one-to-one matching service?
Here are four of the main reasons.

A step-by-step look at how Match Dating finds partners perfectly suited to you:

Let us help you!

Start a sweet one-on-one dating match with Match Dating in just a few clicks.

Contact us

When beginning your journey with Match Dating, the first thing to do is to contact us via phone or WhatsApp on 9581 6883. From there, you just need to sit tight until one of our team gets back to you.

Provide Us With A Few Details

Simply leave your name, contact information, and basic personal information (for example, gender, age, and occupation). These details will give us a preliminary understanding of you. After that, we will arrange a free consultation at a convenient time for you, where we will be able to discuss your requirements.

Detailed Discussion

At your free consultation, we will get to the nitty-gritty of your expectations and concerns about finding your perfect match. Our professional team of experts will then take the information you have given us and devise a plan perfectly suited to your needs. From there, we will match you up with and select the most suitable date for you, help you make tweaks to your appearance, and talk to you about the ways we can present the best possible version of you.

Arrange The Date

By now, you will have completed most of the hard work. Now it is down to our experts to formulate and arrange the best date experience for you. We will ensure we discuss all the details with you, all intending to give you the best possible experience on your date.

Hone Your Dating Techniques

Once you have been on your date, we will speak to you again so you can tell us how you thought the date went. We will get to the bottom of your feelings about the date and whether you enjoyed the experience. This will all help you make the next step – securing your happiness with a loving partner.

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Why choose the Match Dating One-on-one dating service?

  • The single dating scene can be daunting. At Match Dating, we are aware of that, and so our service is tailored towards bringing you closer to a loving and stable relationship.
  • After carefully taking the time to get to know you, we will dedicate ourselves to finding a tailor-made dating match for you.
  • We have a large, experienced team who will prepare a date for you, and they will consult you afterward to see how it went.
  • Our highly-rated professional consultants are dedicated to solving your dating worries, however large or small.
  • Match Dating has a large library of high-quality singles for you to filter and find a match.
  • All our members’ information has been verified by a real person, meaning our service is both safe and reliable.
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About Match Dating

We are devoted to finding the perfect match for every single client in our portfolio. In fact, the concepts of love, marriage, and dating are at the core of what we believe in. We consider ourselves far more than simply a love matching and dating company. Some companies are more interested in earning money than seeking to identify their clients’ needs and requirements, but we always look after our customers first.

Our Professionalism

We take care to ensure that every element of your search for love is given the attention it deserves. So, whether it is your initial interview with us, the one-on-one matching, preparation for your date, how best to present yourself, or guidance in the art of dating, we attach great importance to all of the elements, meaning you can enjoy the highest-quality Hong Kong dating experience.

Making Your Dating Experience Comfortable And Stress-Free
Our professional team will arrange all the dates for you through our one-on-one date matching service, meaning all you have to think about is enjoying a relaxing and fulfilling date.

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Match Dating Professional Services

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Our team of professional make-up artists will help create a new image for you

These experts can apply make-up so deftly that you can be transformed in as little as 15 minutes. This will help you go on your date full of confidence, knowing you are looking more attractive than ever!

• We are adept at finding natural ways to make your skin look better
• We can make any make-up we apply look completely natural for your date

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High-Quality Image Guidance

Whether it is finding the best clothing matches, hairstyles for your face, or choosing the best hair accessories, we can help you highlight your best physical qualities and successfully create a new and attractive image for you.

• We can help you choose the best clothes for you
• We can take professional photography that’s tailor-made for you
• Our stylist will help design new hairstyles and colors that are perfectly suited to you

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Queen Psychotherapist

• We can teach men and women communication skills
• We will give you decompression training
• We will help you break through any personal psychological barriers you may have

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Highly-Rated Love Advisor

• We can help you customize your own plan for finding love based on a detailed analysis of your personality
• We will give you the skills you need to have a successful date
• We offer professional guidance on the subjects of marriage and love